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Odormute Urinal Tablets - Eliminates Urinal Odors and dissolves Urinal Stone

Urine salts, mineral deposits and cleaning residues combine in urinals to create an environment that can produce unpleasant odors. ODORMUTE
TM  URINAL TABLETS eliminate urinal odors and drain line build-up by biochemically removing organic waste. The blue, 1 ½” in diameter by ½” thick tablet is odorless and works by actually removing the source of the problem, not just masking the odor. Does not contain paradichlorobenzene.

During the first week, use one tablet per urinal on a constant basis replacing as needed. Simply place the tablet on the urinal strainer. After the first week, usage will average one tablet per urinal per week. In high traffic areas, use two tablets per week. In automatic flush urinals the tablet will dissolve in 48 hours. Under normal conditions another tablet is not required for one week. Use the product more frequently in heavy traffic areas. Non-poisonous, non-caustic.

Urinal Tablets