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Welcome to Odormute

Manufactured by Hueter Toledo, Inc. Odormute is not just for pets and their households.  We make a variety of products for all odors in your life or business.

How It Works

Odormute is a blend of natural enzymes that will eliminate any organic odor.  The enzyme action of Odormute chemically changes the source of the odor and eliminates it.  In a powder form, Odormute is easy to store and handle and maintains full strength for up to 5 years.  It’s economical as well: 15 oz of powder makes up to 20 Gallons of liquid!  As a powdered concentrate, mix Odormute to the desired strength to eliminate odor in kennels, on carpets, fabrics, clothing, upholstery, and furniture – anywhere there is a pet odor.  For over 40 years, because it works!  Guaranteed to work or your money back.